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New video about me and my book

What impresses me is, after six weeks from its release, the territorial origin of visitors to this blog. Obviously Italy and the USA are the major sources, but there are visitors who have downloaded the book from 35 other countries, some of which I have never been to.

Also interesting are the disparate reviews of the book that have appeared in blogs and digital media outlets I was not even aware existed. This is a truly fascinating experience and I can now say I have ‘touched’ the true dissemination power of this environment.

I received mostly intelligent, positive and inspiring reactions from persons I do not even know. Some are critical, but positively and constructively so. I know very well that the internet environment houses everything and its contrary, but so far in this case I must admit that I have lucky. I was intrigued by how my good friend and ex student and digital editor of this site Zack Baddorf created this cool video and I really enjoy the dave brubeck sound track.

Every day I send warm and friendly thoughts to my English language editor Angie Voluti. She really did a great job.