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PR Associations support dissemination of ‘glow worms’

The Swedish public relations association, the European public relations research and education association and the Italian public relations association have recently published in their newsletters information and/or brief reviews of ‘biased memoirs’, thus significantly contributing to the growing number of free downloads. I am grateful to them of course.
Here are the respective links:–Fakta/Nyheter/Nyheter-2014/Boktips-Glow-worms/

As much as I have for many decades actively involved myself in the life of professional associations receiving many satisfactions and disappointments, and notwithstanding a general tendency of role decrease from intermediary societal bodies it still seems to me today that when they focus on developing young talents, researching and disseminating the value of public relations to society, associations serve a very useful purpose. Less so when they focus on developing and protecting members versus non members.