The blog


Welcome to my blog

Thank you for being here and allow me to introduce you to this digital space.

I am of course very interested in listening to what you have to say and in exchanging opinions and information.

So please do not hesitate to do so.

Here you can comment, criticize, demonize what I have written in my ‘biased memoirs’ as well as a number of recent English language papers on issues related to my profession.

My objective here is to underline that, beyond the stereotypes that over many decades have clustered around public relations, this profession plays a very significant and often undetectable role in orienting the public discourse as well as the public interest on just about every issue, idea, product, activity, initiative you can think of.

Its ‘ambiguity’ (for me, more often than not, a positive value) mostly resides in its ‘opacity’ (for me. more often than not, a negative value).

As I believe it is important for you and for me to focus on maintaining a critical approach to reality as it appears, I want you to be aware of that, according to my research efforts there are at least 3 million public relators like me out there in the world whose professional efforts focus on shaping and modifying your thoughts, minds and behaviors.

The more you are able to detect, identify and keep a critical approach to these efforts, the more you will be able to think and act by consciously balancing your interests with those of your family, your community and society-at-large.

I sincerely hope you find this space worthy of your attention and active participation.